How to Build an On-Farm Smokehouse – Meredith Leigh

  [ratingwidget]     Great Big Ideas & Takeaways: How to build a smokehouse for under $400. Blueprint for Leigh’s homemade smokehouse—how it was built. See photos of the smokehouse build in progress. The #1 smoking method that Leigh recommends…
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Chicken Whispering – Patricia Foreman

    [ratingwidget]     Great Big Ideas & Takeaways: Chicken whispering 101: get inside the head of your chickens. Learn to “think chicken” to develop trust & emotional bonds. How to correctly pick up a chicken—so they feel safe…
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High BioNutrient Crops – Dan Kittredge

    [ratingwidget]     Great Big Ideas & Takeaways: How to create a flourishing ecosystem on a farm. How your taste buds indicate the nutritional value of food. Strengthening crops to NATURALLY resist pests. Understanding the cycle of plant…
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