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Making Herbal Medicine – Dr. Patrick Jones

[ratingwidget]     Great Big Ideas & Takeaways: The secrets to making your tinctures, teas, glycerites, poultices, vinegars, lotions, salves, herbal pills, electuaries, and more – with confidence. The best time to harvest your herbs to guarantee their potency! Understanding…
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Intermediate Seed Saving Tips – Don Tipping

[ratingwidget]     Great Big Ideas & Takeaways: TUTORIAL: the basics of seed selection & breeding Advance your seed saving skills Surprising insect pollinators… beyond bees! A practical look at how local climate affects your seed saving. Dry seeded vs….
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Pastured Poultry Tips – Joel Salatin

[ratingwidget]     Great Big Ideas & Takeaways: Intermediate skills for successfully raising chickens for meat. Improving the odds of chick survival in the first 2 weeks. Why you can expect to lose anywhere from 5% to 15% of your…
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