Plant Friends & Medicines of a Desert Herbalist – Doug Simons










Great Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • The herbal that’s excellent for strengthening bones, teeth, hair, and nails.
  • The “maintenance” herbal that Doug takes for 2 weeks of every month.
  • Boundary medicine that’s an excellent gum tightener & teeth cleaner.
  • An excellent salve for preventing skin infections.
  • The skin-nourishing oil with considerable health benefits.
  • A wonderful medicine for women who suffer with menstrual cramps.
  • Relieving acute digestive pain and gall bladder pain.
  • How to HARMONIZE your skin with the sun—and avoid sunburns!

About The Speaker:

Doug Simons began learning about native plants from his mother. His awareness, knowledge and connection to the plant world has only grown stronger through his life. His learning and practicing of medicine has taken place in the Western U.S., Mexico, Central and South America. Through these travels he has learned from many indigenous cultures, some of which include the Tarahumara, the Tohono O’Odham, and the Navajo.

Doug has spent over 20 years of his life living very primitively—almost wild—in the Sonoran Desert and other wilderness areas. Recently, Doug has been inspired to come out of the wilderness and share this living knowledge.

Doug is the wisdom in the video set “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics,” which teaches natural, simple, and amazingly effective techniques for taking care of wounds, snake bites, sprains, spider bites, and much more.   As well, his teachings are featured on “Alternatives to Dentists.”


QUESTION:   What traditional remedies have made their way into your life?


  1. Jean

    Do you sell or know where to buy the seeds and/or plants of which you spoke?

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Hi Jean,
      I suggest you contact Doug by visiting his website at He is usually out in the wilderness somewhere and unfortunately I don’t think we will be online today.

    2. Lynn

      Love the medicine wisdom. Thank chuluh for this elder!

  2. mem

    We are not “victims” that have to kowtow to Big Pharm. There is a non-materialistic attitude that our soul-destroying (planet-destroying) culture wants us to be ignorant of. Chemical toxins & sun-as-our-enemy have a reverent solution. Thanks to devoting your life to learn from wisdom-holders & now share with us.

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      You are welcome Mem!

  3. Sue Young

    Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation!

  4. Romelia Rendon

    Thank you Doug very informative, i have bought plant medicine from you before and very pleased with them iam ready to get a few more 🙂

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      GLad you liked this Romelia!

  5. Jesse Reichart

    Great presentation, Doug. Appreciate it greatly!

  6. Birgitte

    When using chaparral oil for sunscreen, can our bodies still get Vitamin D from the sun? Great video! Thank you for your knowledge!

    1. doug

      Hi Birgitte
      Yes we will get the Vitamin D!

  7. Alyssa

    I’m getting a slight anti-sciencey vibe from some of these videos, I mean, I know these people mean well but like…

    Please DO go to a doctor if you get bit by something venomous or have a serious illness. Such at-home remedies are nice for when you have something minor, live far from a doctor, or are living in the apocalypse, BUT everyone’s bodies are different and may not respond the same way as the people in the video did. You could be in serious trouble if you neglect to get checked out and get any additional treatment. Also some herbs can interact with certain meds or conditions so…you have to be careful.

    As for me, ginger cured my acid reflux when no prescription did. (But that wasn’t a life threatening illness, and I still went to the doctor first)….I also understand that antibiotics are overused in the world and stuff. But still. Also some chemicals may not be potent enough in their plant form.

    Anyway I’m just rambling now but I just wanted to throw the disclaimer out there since there was none on this one.

    1. Popo

      You just don’t get it do you? Dr.s and modern medicine just have nothing for living things.Their only obligation is to their investors and NOTHING they do helps or is intended to hello people or other living things,that is not how the system works

      1. Alyssa

        I know you won’t see this because day 5 will erase all the comments but how dare you say doctors have never done anything and only care about money lol. I can’t…I don’t even have words for this kind of nonlogic. Let’s just say you might not even have been born, heck even your mother might not have been born if it weren’t for modern medicine. Better shut down all the hospitals! Better shut down the 911 service! Yes, mistakes happen, (and I never said enslave yourself to a doctor) but I’m sure a bunch more mistakes would happen by ingesting some dude’s mystery oil concoction. The world population and overall life expectancy has grown due to the existence of doctors and medicine. Also homeopathy has already been proven to be a scam (you’re just buying water! It’s the placebo effect. Save your money.) I hope you don’t have kids, because you’d be just as bad as those faith healers who let their children DIE because they are so arrogant and think THEY know how to keep people alive.
        Also polarized thinking (which shows in your use of words like “only” and “nothing”) tends to come with mental issues like depression or anxiety (I used to have really bad polarized thinking so I can relate). Why haven’t you cured that with your homemade mixtures yet? Jeez people are so touchy with even the tiniest but of skepticism being presented to them.
        So anyway go ahead, tell every mother whose babies survived after struggling to stay alive after birth because of the existence of ICU. Tell that to the people who have survived cardiac arrest, seizures…kinda hard to take a supplement when you’re unconscious! I could go on with examples, but I know people never listen.
        Guys…plants are supposed to be preventive, not as a replacement for medical care.

        1. Sandy

          Alyssa… Troll much? Plants were the original medicine and they’re still around, and still useful. Whereas, abuse of antibiotics has led to their very rapid (less than 100 years!) obsolescence. And don’t “anti-sciency” me; I’m a scientist who is grateful for people who have gone back to the root of medicine to repopularize the actual CURES (rather than “treatments”). The world needs MORE CURES and far fewer “treatments”.

        2. Carrie

          Alyssa—I’m pretty sure a few babies managed to be born before hospitals decided birth was their domain. My lay midwife home births were in every way FAR superior to my earlier hospital births. My aunt’s doctor decided she needed a colonoscopy but thought her heart would not withstand the procedure. So wouldn’t you know they did heart surgery on this 89-year old just so she wouldn’t croak during the colonoscopy. This is typical of “modern medicine.” Never mind the multitudes who are killed from cancer “treatments.” Iatrogenic (doctor caused) death is now the #1 cause of death in the U.S.

    2. Carrie

      And I contend that the opposite is true. That doctors should be an absolute last resort for illness. I have many many stories where doctors have seriously damaged or killed people who could have been helped/saved with remedies I have at home. E.g. I cured my husband’s shingles in a day and a half. You’ll be sick for weeks or months if you depend on a doctor. Clearly you did not view Dr. Jones’ videos where he explained simple cures for spider and snake bites. Between plants, essential oils, homeopathics, charcoal, ozone, apple cider vinegar, honey, etc. there’s hardly any illness that can’t be cured faster, better, safer and cheaper than drugs…which is about all any doctor knows about.

      1. Clarice

        Would you share what you used for shingles? Thank you.

        1. Carrie

          Clarice—I will try to make this short. Most important is NOT TO WAIT FOR A DIAGNOSIS. By the time a doctor decides it’s shingles it’s probably entrenched. You must pounce at the first sign of symptoms which may be a headache or something flu-like but without the fever. Flu is either bacterial or viral, so address both just to get a head start. My husband’s initial symptom was a headache, so I didn’t suspect shingles. The burning pricklies appear on one side of the body only. That’s your clue that it’s shingles. My husband’s hit on his face. Shingles is a virus lodged in the spine, so he needed anti-virals to the spine, immune boosters, water, and REST. I imagine any herbal or other anti-virals and immune boosters would work, but this is what I used. Internally: vitamin C, melaleuca essential oil in capsule, ozonated water every hour, several immune-boosting supplements, and garlic. Externally: ozone grease to face, and essential oils like oregano, thyme, cypress, basil wintergreen, lavender, marjoram, peppermint and melaleuca to the spine and the bottoms of the feet. Also I put him in a sauna for the heck of it. By the evening of Day 1 his symptoms were much reduced. By the next morning, 85% gone, and symptom free before Day 2 ended. If you don’t have these things, my list won’t be helpful, but I don’t think this is the magic recipe. I think the most important thing is to attack at the first sign of unusual symptoms with whatever you have that might address whatever it is you hope they’re not getting. This is the beauty of home remedies and the great disadvantage of disease-specific drugs. Doctors have to wait for a diagnosis. We don’t have to wait, and it’s the waiting that lets the malady dig in. My advice: equip yourself with your favorite safe, natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-infectious, anti-septic remedies, and at the FIRST sign of illness, even if you don’t yet know what it is, throw it at them and make them rest. You’ll likely knock it out before you even find out what they had. I’ve been at this for awhile and am quite confident when it comes to illness. We don’t go to doctors and we never vaccinate. Too many people I love have been harmed, bankrupted or killed by doctors and vaccines.

      2. Alyssa

        Just because it works on one person doesn’t mean it works the same on everyone! I don’t know how many times I need to say this! Remember my ginger example? I’ve suggested ginger to people before…and it didn’t work for them! Also another example, cannabis. Sometimes it makes people relaxed and sometimes it gives people anxiety. Please realize that not everyone’s bodies are the same.
        Also homeopathy is just water+placebo.

        1. Carrie

          Alyssa—So what if what works for one doesn’t work for everyone? Have you ever noticed the barrage of drug commercials listing the wide range of horrific “side effects?” Clearly drugs do not affect everyone the same either. Yours is an argument NOT to go to doctors because YOU should know your body better than any doctor could. I don’t have to cure the world–just my own family. And we haven’t had anything yet that we couldn’t handle just fine without doctors. And I have had great success with homeopathy.

    3. Sandy

      Alyssa: One of the disintegrating secrets of our time is that allopaths and many contemporary medically trained physicians don’t know how to heal everything. It has to be a terrible burden on them to see how so many people look to them to for a quick rescue. It must truly be painful after all the time and fortune they have spent on their training that they don’t know how to deal with everything. A good percentage have the courage to keep looking for answers, and a courageous few will admit that they have hit knowledge walls. I am one of those people who, though I have found practitioners who have helped or at least sincerely attempted to help, but too many times I had issues that they didn’t know how to treat. That was when I turned away from allopathy and began searching in venerable medical traditions thousands of years older than our society has been prepared to recognize. The other thing I had to accept was that no matter how lousy I felt, I was responsible to choose, to act responsibly about my health and learn how to listen to the profound wisdom that speaks in an effective holistic practitioner’s treatment. It doesn’t help that herbal traditions are themselves very complex and can be a true challenge to understand. I really enjoy the respect, directness and authority with which Doug speaks about the herbs he studies and gathers. I have questions about the herbs he discussed, and feel confident that Doug would be willing to make sure I achieve understanding before making use of the herbs he offers. Doug’s accomplishments are phenomenal and I am really thankful he has chosen to share what he knows with us.

  8. Elizabeth

    I wanted to experience this presentation very much. I have the DVD on teeth so more is anticipated. I could not open any of the presentations on my computer at all.
    Very heartbreaking-what am I doing wrong?

  9. carol atteberry

    Great information Doug, thank you very much. I am an herbalist myself and have some questions regarding the sun medicine and cancer which I will present to you at a later date and also purchase some of your medicines.

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Hi Carole, yes, get in touch with Doug at his website.

    2. Becky

      Hi Carol, you might want to check out John Slattery is a Sonoran herbalist. I’m pretty sure he does classes and apprenticeships.

      1. Becky

        Whoops left this comment on the wrong person. Sorry

  10. Jordan

    Thank you so much for this presentation. I live in the Sonoran desert and have been struggling to find good information about native plants and herbs I can use. Most information out there is about plants/herbs that do not grow well, or at all in my area. Looking forward to learning more about the plants you spoke about here.

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Hi Jordan,

      You might want to do one of Doug’s workshops in the region. I also meet Doug every year at a gathering called WinterCount. My presentation on “What It Is Like To Attend A Primitive Skills Gathering” will show you just what WinterCount is like.

      1. Sheri Glaros

        Marjory-what region? I would like to attend a WinterCount? When is your presentation?

    2. Becky

      You might want to check out John Slattery is a Sonoran herbalist. I’m pretty sure he does classes and apprenticeships.

  11. Victor

    Good sales pitch, little detail on preparation, dose range, and spectrum of use. “Proper plant & harvesting” ? How about some specifics on that? Please stop being so materialistic. In a crisis, your “store” will not be available.

  12. Inge Leonora-den Ouden

    Sorry, I left this presentation half-way. I am only interested in herbs I can find or grow myself, and how to prepare medicine from them. He only shows his own products. He does not explain how we can make herbal medicine.

  13. amber rogers

    I cannot find any of his salves or powders on his website….

    1. doug

      Hi Amber
      Please Email me at for a list and prices.
      Thanks Doug

  14. Roxann

    I am just starting to learn about herbs/plants and the medicinal value of them. I really appreciate your teaching method and will definitely check out the video and website. The summits have opened me up to a whole new way of doing things. I can’t wait to learn more!

  15. Thomas Pratt

    Marjory —
    Certainly the presenters are of a variety of backgrounds and skills and will never have the ability to satisfy 100% of the audience. There is an exception, however, and that exception is you. Your talent, intelligence, and good will is a blessing to all who are fortunate enough to benefit from knowing you.

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Thomas, thank you so much. I really work very hard to bring these Summits out. There is a mighty little team that works behind the scenes too.

  16. Bonnie Krause-Gams

    I think Doug has become a part of nature, a soul mate with nature and not all persons watching will be at his level. Does he share his in depth knowledge on his videos? If so, that would be called education and that may be what some people are looking for. This summit seems to me to be an introduction to further learning.

    You know, I used to teach herbal medicine. I had spent many years and thousands of dollars gaining the knowledge I was teaching. Not to speak of the hundreds of hours of searching, testing, storing trials, planting, and on and on. I gave up teaching because some people in my classes wanted all this knowledge for free. They had no idea what it took to gain that knowledge.
    If people in this summit are selling their videos and their wares, it should be looked upon as a gift and we should be thankful that they are giving us a venue by which we can learn.
    They deserve to be reciprocated for their life’s work.
    Just the fact that we have an opportunity to become aware of all these incredible people, and a place to follow up on the things they have available
    Is quite remarkable.
    Thank you Marjorie, staff and presenters for giving us this opportunity.

    By the way, I gave up teaching.

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Hi Bonnie, thank you so much for your kind words. The whole idea of the Summit is it’s a buffet – a sampling – see if you like this person, or resonate better with that one. Everyone here is working towards the same goal of more sustainability.

      1. Popo

        Spot on Doug!!! I run permiculture consulting & development co. and many times what it takes to ” go native” so to speUK causes people to run not walk out the door, while others jump right in, and embrace the new lifestyle.

    2. Sheri Glaros

      I could not have said it better!

  17. J

    Where can one purchase the herbs he is talking about?

    1. doug

      Hi J
      Please Email me at for a list and prices.
      Thanks Doug

  18. Char

    I enjoyed the presentation! The information on milk thistle was very interesting. I was wondering if Doug eats the milk thistle seeds by chewing them up, or if they could be put in a vitamix in smoothie and still be as effectively medicinally.

    1. doug

      Hi Char
      The milk thistle seeds can be chewed or ground in a grinder.

      1. Sandy

        Do you sprout them first to dissipate the phytic acid?

  19. Cindy Shep

    Thank you Marjory for all your time and loving effort in putting all this together, I agree we need to look at this as an introductory class which should have the stimulative effect of nudging us into further action to learn and test more. I love that Doug also thanked the original people who provided him with this knowledge. I live in Central America and all too often see how the people of the land are so often just disregarded when they provide these golden gifts of knowledge. And I also love how he introduced the energy concept of the plant, not just the substance.

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Hi Cindy, yes Doug is really tied into the earth in a way most of us have been civilized out of 🙂
      Thanks so much for you kind words.

      1. Billy

        Marjory I sometimes feel that instead of being “civilized” it is more like “domesticated” or, even “indoctrinated” with the mindset of some today. Many times the old ways are the best.

  20. Elizabeth Nelson

    I appreciate the section on chapparal. It really does grow all over including the wash behind my backyard. I didn’t know how to infuse in oil. It will be much easier than the stinky tea I make. I’m looking forward to being able to try it topically for the first time next summer.

    Alyssa, I agree with your comment on using medical doctors. I treat UTI’s with herbal medicine unless it doesn’t work, then take antibiotics. Herbs, lots of water, and limited sugar keep it semi under control. It is antibiotic resistant.

    I also take meds for a number of other ailments that herbs cannot treat anymore. At 50, I have perfect blood work and am perfectly healthy except for some serious ailments. Herbs and medicine cannot cure them but can make life livable.

  21. Marcia

    I have been really enjoying these sessions however this one feels like an infomercial. He doesn’t even spell the species name of the Equisteum that he is recommending. When I went to his website to purchase some product, I couldn’t find any nor could I find the DVD that Marjorie recommended. If I am going to sit through a commercial at least I should be able to buy some of what is being hyped!

  22. Julienne Wong Loi Sing

    hello Doug
    I enjoyed your presentation, question you have travelled the tropics I live in the Caribbean and are not so familiar with herbs here do you have any knowhow about the herbs in the Caribbean?

  23. MommaM

    Right on, Bonnie! 🙂 This seminar is FREE. It’s his time shared with us, his lifetime of gaining knowledge for our awareness, learning, insight. The 8 people listening to these seminars and giving each of these speakers “poor/awful” ratings need to learn “an attitude of gratitude.” They should try giving away their professional expertise for free and see how it feels to be hungry, penniless and taken advantage of by grumbling TAKERS who don’t believe in reciprocation. This seminar gave me new insight on herbal remedies I may want to obtain in the future. And now I know who to call…. Thanks, Doug! I’ll be calling you! 🙂

  24. Doorofmyheart

    Thank you so much Doug. I am so grateful for all that you shared in the brief amount of time available. I’m excited to try some of the remedies from you or harvested myself. I am deeply saddened by some of the unsupportive comments. I’m not sure those folks belong in this community with no gratitude. All of the presentations I have viewed have been wonderful and informative, I’m pausing to take notes and feeling so inspired. I do not expect herbalists to give away their exact formulas and techniques and happy to hear a little about many different plants and remedies.

  25. Lydia

    Thank you Doug. You just answered one of my questions to Katrina Blair about Milk thistle. (She has recipes for other thistles) I’m glad to know that the best way to obtain the benefits is chewing the seeds, as I have grown this plant. 1 question: Can Coast Silk Tassel- Garrya elliptica leaves be used the same way for pain. I planted one in my yard as it is native here in N. Calif.
    How to information is what I am looking for, mostly, as I have no money for more classes. I recognize that you have to make a living, and deserve honor for what you are doing. The kernels of wisdom and inspiration that you are sharing are enough for me, as i am watching free, and i will try to give back by telling other Master Gardeners, garden club members and family about your and Marjorie’s programs.Some of my family are watching also.
    Thank you both and keep up the great work.

  26. Jon

    Hey Doug,

    I could say so much but two words sums it up. Thank you.

    I look forward to learning more.

  27. Christine

    Chaparral is not a single plant. It is a growing region found primarily in California, and is a group of plants that are grown in Calif deserts, and are very drought tolerant. What plant are you using that you call chaparral?

  28. Sheryl

    Thanks for this presentation – very informative. On the subject of milk thistle – do you chew the seeds or swallow them whole? I grew these this summer and saved the seeds. I was going to grind them up, but am glad I saw your presentation first! I would like to have your herb list and prices. Thank you.

  29. Joy

    Hi, Marjory, could I get a transcript of this presentation? I know they were available for Doc Jones presentations on herbal medicine. Wasn’t sure if it was available with Mr. Simons. Thank you.

  30. Michelle

    You talked about taking the milk thistle seeds. How would you take the whole seeds. Grind them first?

    Thank you for all the good information

  31. Marv Krupp

    I have Doug’s dental video and his tooth powder. EVERYONE that I’ve given a package to has loved the effect. The video IS detailed and intimately useable. What I like best about dealing with Doug: I’m taken back to the 50’s, when he sends you the package, he includes an invoice..THEN you send the check. Tre Cool for us old guys…keep it up Doug.

  32. Sheri Glaros

    Marjory, I can’t thank you enough for this forum! I fell asleep during my sessions last night but got to hear day 2 of my favorite speaker last night. I need Doug Simons in my life, for sure! Each item he begins to teach us about makes me think that I need that item or know someone that does. What a gift you’ve put together and I hope to come up with the funds to purchase this forum just to thank you & have the info. Meanwhile, I am taking copious notes!!!

  33. Vicki S.

    It was a wonderful presentation, I would like to know more on herbal antibiotics. Considering I am limited to 2 antibiotics. Sulfur an Zpack. My family’s allergies are numnerous, so learning more about herb that heal is super.

    Comment made before about going to a Doctor half the time they think your nuts an want to heal you with prescriptions where the side effects can kill you. No Thank you.

  34. Marv Kru

    Reading these comments reminded me of a couple more notes: Marcia, Humane is the spelling of the Horsetail variety (pronounced Himane apparently] After getting video, I ordered that variety, from UVA, I think. And here in the wnc mtns, does grow like a weed…wet spot where spring run off travels nearby to river.Too bad you’re not close…I could give you a few bushels… 🙂

    Second, recently went to dentist to have several teeth removed to replace with dentures..I’m old…and the dentist says he has never seen such firm gums (all of them) on teeth over 25 years old…so I was able to save all seven teeth. Just remembered that I’ve been using Dougs tooth powder for almost two years, for the incredible whitening effect, and this video reminded me…it’s the astringent in the powder that has saved me.

  35. Marv Krupp

    Reading these comments reminded me of a couple more notes: Marcia, Humane is the spelling of the Horsetail variety (pronounced Himane apparently] After getting video, I ordered that variety, from UVA, I think. And here in the wnc mtns, does grow like a weed…wet spot where spring run off travels nearby to river.Too bad you’re not close…I could give you a few bushels… 🙂

    Second, recently went to dentist to have several teeth removed to replace with dentures..I’m old…and the dentist says he has never seen such firm gums (all of them) on teeth over 25 years old…so I was able to save all seven teeth. Just remembered that I’ve been using Dougs tooth powder for almost two years, for the incredible whitening effect, and this video reminded me…it’s the astringent in the powder that has saved me.

  36. Chelsea

    Can children take smaller doses of these herbs?

  37. Jacqui

    Thanks, Doug, will check out your website. Many Blessings. Just wanted to let you know Marjory I have watched everyone of the videos so far in the series and loving every minute of it. I usually can’t get to it till evening but it is the highlight of my day. Thank you, you and the folks at Mother Earth for this opportunity. I have been a subscriber of them for decades, great stuff. We are all in this together to save our planet.

  38. Diana Duke

    Marjori, thank you so much. This has been such a treat. I am filling my calender with workshops…with Dr. Jones, Jerome O, and I would love to set something up with Doug. When I went to his website there were no workshops scheduled. I sent him a message but I was wondering if you have any inside information.

    I am very grateful for this summit. Diana

  39. Sgl

    This video was so informative. He reminded me of Cass Ingram, Dr. Oregano. These men know so much about our plant friends and medicines. I am giving it 4 only because I absolutely love Justin! Thank you for an information packed video, Doug and thanks to Marjory for including him in the lineup.

  40. Lori

    Great presentation. I love learning about the different herbs and what they benefit! Thank you

  41. Sandy

    Traditional remedies I use frequently are raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, peppermint, lemon balm, nettle, comfrey, dandelion root, chicory, rosehips, kefir, organic, soy free dynamite chickpea miso, goldenrod blossom, aloe vera, arnica, lovage, coconut oil, olive oil, plantain, garlic, Cinnamonum zeylanicum. Wildcrafted from home and organic whenever possible.

  42. Christina T

    Thank you for this great presentation. I don’t use herbs and refuse all medicines. I have moved all my soap & lotions to pure organic- no preservatives. This is the next step for me- herbs. Thank you, again.

  43. Inocencia

    Good post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you!

  44. Weldon

    There may be noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made sure good points in features also.

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