Making Herbal Medicine – Dr. Patrick Jones








Great Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • The secrets to making your tinctures, teas, glycerites, poultices, vinegars, lotions, salves, herbal pills, electuaries, and more – with confidence.
  • The best time to harvest your herbs to guarantee their potency!
  • Understanding tinctures: from recipes to dosing.
  • Why lotions can be MORE powerful for healing than salves.
  • See illustrative photos of wound treatments (WARNING: some graphic!)

About The Speaker:

Dr. Patrick Jones is a practicing veterinarian and clinical herbalist, based out of Buhl, Idaho.   As well, he’s the founder of the Homegrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine.

With veterinary credentials, over the years Dr. Jones has had the opportunity to use herbs on all sorts of cases that would not typically be addressed by herbalists. And the miracles he’s seen have given him evangelical zeal to teach others about herbal medicine. His book The HomeGrown Herbalist and his school emphasize self-reliant herbalism that’s plant-based rather than product based.

With an engaging, down-to-earth teaching style that will having you laughing, expect this presentation to leave you feeling empowered to use these wonderful plants in your daily life.


QUESTION: Do you make any of your own herbal medicine? What are your favorite home remedies that you swear by?


  1. patrick

    if you take fresh pealed garlic cloves and fill a jar full of them, then fill up with honey and then put the lid on and put in a sunny window,on a plate,and wait until it turns red,the liquor produced is the best thing to keep away a cold and the candied cloves are scrumptious.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Yup. Garlic and honey cures a world of ills. It will be even more potent if you don’t expose it to the sunlight. Put it in a brown paper bag and do exactly as you’re doing otherwise. The warmth will speed the extraction without the sun’s photons beating up the medicine. 🙂

      Doc Jones

      1. wg Miller

        Isn’t it possible to get botulism from this, like if you put garlic in oil?

  2. Ken

    that is a great idea

  3. Tracy

    Sure wish you would add closed captions to the presentations for those of us that are hard of hearing.

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Tracy, if you contact our happiness desk, we can arrange for you to have transcripts. email

      1. Tracy

        Thank you!

    2. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hi Tracy,

      Send me an email and I’d be delighted to send you (or any other summit attendees) a PDF of the presentation.

      Doc Jones

      1. Tracy

        Thank you, I will email you.

      2. Jeanene

        Please send me a pdf of ypur lecture. Thanks

      3. Melissa

        what email do we use. Can I get a copy of this pdf.

      4. Steven - LeftBrain

        The pdf’s are available in our online store:

      5. Linda Hester

        Dr. Patrick, would you please send me a PDF file of this presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. My Grandmother used to use poultices she had made to use on several different complaints. I have just moved to a very rural area and learning the flora and fauna, hoping to go back to the old ways. I have 2 dogs, 3 donkeys, 1 horse, 1 goats and this information was very helpful. I will logon to read the stories. Cancer has been an issue in our family too! Thank you so much! Linda

      6. Debora Burger

        I have just watched your presentation and thoroughly enjoyed it! I would love to have a PDF of it if possible.

        Thank you.

        Debora Burger in Georgia

      7. Alicia

        Did anyone ever figure out the email? Are the PDFs in his store the same? I downloaded both and I don’t know that they are?

  4. Jay

    Why do you keep saying this is free when it is not

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Jay, what is your concern? I don’t understand. The Summit is free for the week. Or are you referring to elements in Dr. Jone’s talk?

      1. Dia

        Miss Marjory ….. Me thinks I smell a “TROLL” named Jay….. I AM so grateful that this is FREE for the week. Thank you so very much.

      2. Jay

        I still can’t watch anything without signing up

        1. Bee

          It’s free to sign up. Does this help?

  5. Susan

    Wonderful talk (seminar)

  6. Bonnie

    I really learned a lot. I’ll have to listen again and take notes!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hi Bonnie,

      Send me an email and I’ll send you the PDF. It’ll save a lot of writer’s cramp. 🙂

      Doc Jones

      1. Nancy Haberland

        If possible, I would love to have a pic copy of this as well. Wonderful talk. Thank you.

  7. Cindy

    I would love a print out of what herbs are good for what illness!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      We have a full program that will teach you anything you’d ever need to know to use herbs to heal yourself or even to practice clinically if you like.

      If you’re looking for something a little more concise, you might enjoy The HomeGrown Herbalist by Patrick Jones. Available on my website or on Amazon. 🙂

      Doc Jones
      HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine

      1. Karla Ely

        I purchased one of your online modules today… I might just sign up for the entire course!

    2. Cassie

      It would fill Whole books!

    3. Dr. Patrick Jones


      Watch my other lecture on the Summit… Medicinal Plants: The Apocalypse Apothecary. It has much more specific information on several really great herbs and their uses.


      1. mike leblanc

        great presentation lots of info! has been a good refresher

  8. Annie

    Loved this talk! Dr. Jones is a hoot!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I also have goats which technically makes me a “hootenanny” I believe.

      Doc Jones

    2. Steven - LeftBrain

      You would love to work with him on a daily basis like I do…. 🙂

  9. Kelsey

    Thank you Doc Jones for your informative webinar. I have been using herbs for30 plus years and there is always more to learn when it comes to herbal medicine. I would like to find reliable resources for using herbs in basic Animal Care (not serious illness or to replace veterinary care) such as shampoos, skin lotions, herbs for 4 minor scrapes and cuts and overcoming fears and anxiety issues. A future webinar perhaps?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Veterinary herbalism is derived principally from human herbalism. In a nutshell, anything you could do to a human with herbs, you can do with your dog, horse, aardvark etc…as well. Herbs can be used on cats as well but it’s much more dangerous (for the herbalist…not the cat!). I always try to get all my personal affairs in order before dosing a cat with herbs. LOL

      There are a couple of herbs to use internally only with caution in dogs:

      In the Herbs school, I always cover veterinary conditions as well if they differ from the human stuff. 🙂

  10. Cassie

    I make a cough syrup every year. He didn’t cover syrups. Mine is elderberry, clove, ginger, honey.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I completely forgot about syrups. I’ll have to include that for next time. 🙂

      I make syrups the lazy way. I just add whatever tinctures I want to take to as much raw honey as will thiken it to the consistency I like. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  11. Dia

    Thank you so much for strengthening my faith in POULTICES / FOMENTATIONS …. messy and takes a bit longer than most want to do …. BUT, Praise the Lord for healing virtue in those herbs. I want to thank Dr. Jones for sharing in such a simple, concise manner. I also was helped with his side comments of “I no longer do this” …. it helps me to know that some things are kind of ‘too much work’. The world of Herbal Healing is flexible.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      The longer I practice herbal medicine, the simpler my techniques become.

      Years ago, as a young veterinary student, I was attending a mare that was foaling. The minute the foal hit the ground, I grabbed my clamps and scissors and iodine to take care of the umbilical cord. The old vet that was with me put his hand on my shoulder and said “Don’t just do something…stand there.” As I stood there and watched, I saw that the umbilical cord was still enthusiastically pumping blood and nutrients into that little foal. I learned that day that nature has a way of taking care of things and that we needn’t be so “interventionist” all the time.

      The body and the herbs know very well what they need to do. We just need to let them do it. Simple is usually better in my experience. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  12. josette giacobbi

    Mom used plantain weed on a boil on my thigh 70 years ago. Her mom told her to go out in the yard to get it. The doctor was prepared to lance it, however that boil was gone. True story.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Thanks for sharing that Josetta. Plantain is a great plant. If I could only have five herbs, plantain would definitely be one of the 83 or so herbs on that list. 🙂

      It has wonderful drawing properties for getting stuff out of the body whether it be toxins, venom, infection etc..

      A year or so ago I had a client that was bitten by a dog on the hand. He didn’t do anything about it for about a week until the hand was swollen to about two inches thickness and he had purple streaks running up his arm. He finally went to the doctor who put him on an antibiotic (Good idea in that case) and then told him “If you don’t find a good herbalist, you’re going to lose that hand”.

      Well, he didn’t know a “Good” herbalist but he knew me so he paid me a visit. I gave him plantain for a poultice on the hand and had him take plantain, Echinacea and a few other things internally. Within 12 hours the hand was back to normal size and the streaks running up his arm were gone.

      I love plantain. We’ll be talking about it more in my other Summit presentation Medicinal Plants: The Apocalypse Apothecary.


      1. Linda Hester

        Is plantain carried in the grocery produce section? I have seen the “banana like plantains, just wondering are they the same??

        1. Denize

          No, plantain in the store is a vegetable. Google plantain the herb to see pictures of the herb.

  13. josette giacobbi

    What can I use to relieve my siamese cat’s stuffy nose? She is 11. Currently using baby saline nose drops.

  14. Karla

    Can I use a crockpot instead of a double boiler?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Sure. Just don’t let it get too hot. Deep fried herbs are not medicinal. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  15. Kate Johansson

    Hi Dr. Jones! I love your book and my copy is falling apart because I keep it with me everywhere I go. I love how simple it is to read, but I keep going back to it. I can not wait to take your course!!!

    **MY QUESTION:** What kind of dose should you use on an alcohol tincture? A thimble? A dropper full? A shot glass? I hate the taste of vodka, and I certainly don’t want to get tipsy!

    1. Kate Johansson

      OOOOPS! I just heard you answer the question later in the presentation. 10 to 30 drops I think you said. Thanks!

      1. Dr. Patrick Jones

        Yup. 🙂

        Most adults will be on the hgher end of that.


      2. Steven - LeftBrain

        Some folks, like me, have a higher tolerance for medicines. I take quite a bit more. JUST DON’T START THERE.

  16. North

    Nice basic presentation. I am a bite skeptical – when reading Dr. Jones blog targeting head wounds, he spoke of a Susan, then a Linda & the pictures seemed to depict a male head instead of a female. Did this stand out to others?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Rats! You caught me! I actually shaved a man’s head and put a big wound on it so I could heal it up and pretend he was a woman. All of the in-between pictures of the progression from wound to healing on both the head wound case and Max’s story were photoshopped from some pokemon comics I found. And as long as I’m confessing…Max the labrador was actually a llama named Helen. I was just trying to protect her identity as well.

      Seriously though, one of the two names in the article is the lady’s real name (I ain’t saying which!). Apparently I wasn’t smart enough to continue using the correct incorrect name throughout the entire article.

      It’s OK, to be a little skeptical in life. One of the quotes that has guided my herbal journey through the years is this:

      “It’s good to have an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.” Can’t remember who said it.

      The other quote that helps is from a famous fellow named Paul

      “Prove all things, hold fast that which is good.”

      Applying those two ideas to things that seem “too good to be true” will sort most things out.


  17. terri jo

    Dr. Jones, you are absolutely delightful, and your enthusiasm,, faith in the wonders of herbs, and caring is infectious. I was giggling all the way through. “Back to the presentation…” It is true that making and healing with plants is not rocket science and has helped my family. Thank you, God bless

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Glad you enjoyed it Terri Jo. 🙂


  18. Evonne

    Just a note on the Jello. Make your own using plain gelatin, sweetener of choice, and boiling water. Lot less unpronouncable ingredients.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Knotts Gelatin works fine but I feel the green Jell-O looks more…herbal.

      I spent a few years as a missionary down in Peru as a young man. One day I wandered back to the kitchen of the lady that was making us lunch. I lifted the lid on a large pot on the stove to see several cow hooves roiling in the boiling water. I asked the lady what it was for (hoping beyond hope that she was making glue and not lunch!) she smiled broadly and said Gelatina!

      She put some sugar and cinnamon in it and it was really tasty. But I still thought it would have been tastier if I’d known a little less about it. LOL


      1. Jennafer Jackson

        Actually jello is made from animal parts

      2. Alicia

        lol!! Too funny! Jello is made very similarly, just with LOTS of unnecessary extras. 😉

  19. Christine Bauer

    I would love a PDF of your presentation! I will have to look into your book and school. Thank you so much!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Send me an email Christine (or anyone else) I’ll get you the PDF.

      Doc Jones

      1. Sherry Hancock

        I would love a pdf too!

        1. Steven - LeftBrain

          The free lectures can be found in our store as well.

  20. Sharon Morton

    This has been so informative. I am just starting out and would like to know more about the herbs used for specific medicine. I will be purchasing one of your books. I have taken many notes too. Thank you for such thorough information

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Glad you had a good time Sharon. Watch the other presentation here on the Summit. Medicinal Plants the Apocalypse Apothecary. I’ll be getting into lots more specifics on plants in that one. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  21. Barbara Murphy

    Loved this webinar! So informational and even though I have been making my own tinctures, salves, oils and pills etc., I was surprised to learn so much new information that I did Not know before. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I’ve been at this for years and to this day, I can’t talk to someone else about herbs for more than a few minutes without learning something cool from them.

      Doc Jones

  22. ap

    can I have your discourse in PDF instead my computer is giving some trouble.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Sure. Send me an email and I’ll hook you up. 🙂
      The PDF is much less mumbly than the narration. LOL


  23. Lauretta

    This was a great presentation. I learned so much. Thanks You

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Thanks Lauretta. 🙂


  24. Leslee Freeman

    Wonderful, loved it all. I am a beginner, basic, for a few years,learned much from this. TDhank you so much. Would also like pdf of this if possible.Thank you

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hi Leslee,

      Sure. Send me an email. I’ll send you the PDF. 🙂


  25. Rachele Saturnino

    I am learning little by little about herbal remedies, and i always like the idea to keep it as simple as possible.
    This talk was of great inspiration, very pleasant to listen to and adding some new interesting informations to my knowledge.
    Thank you for sharing your precious skills with us!
    I’ll definitely search for your books (hoping to find them in europe!)

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Well Rachele you’ll be hard pressed to find someone more simple than me. That’s why I let Carl the Herb Hound do all the heavy lifting on the really intellectual stuff. 🙂

      You can get the book The HomeGrown Herbalist on or on my website

      I’d be happy to ship one to you in Europe. It’s surprising how many of our American herbs are actually European species that came along with the European immigrants.


  26. Hannah Crum

    Looks like your website has been overwhelmed – its down now – will send an email for the pdf of the presentation – great information! THANK YOU MARJORY & TEAM!!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Very sad…it was such a nice little website. 🙁


  27. Maranee

    Awesome presentation! Most simple, down to earth explanations I have ever heard. Will definitely be checking out your web site. Thank you Dr. Jones!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones


  28. Monique

    From a Vet to a vet…this vet is still learning even after 30 years of practice, common sense really helps. I am still fairly new to the herbal side…I will look at your website and hope to get more help helping my patients. Enjoyed your presentation. Good job on Max. I did something similar with a foal many years ago when meds were not readily available. I was amazed at what mother nature,and some antibiotics in saline flushes did to quickly close this fetlock that was also down through the bone and the joint. I would love to learn more from you. Thanks again.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hi Monique,

      Give me a holler any time.

      It’s pretty amazing what can heal if you can control the infection. Keep up the good work with the herbs. They’re great tools. If you haven’t already, check out Susan Wynn’s book Veterinary Herbal Medicine. It’s a great reference for Vets.

      Doc Jones

      1. Dr. Monique

        I will thank you. I have also looked at your website…very nicely done.
        Right now I do Acupuncture and Chiropractic so the herbs are my next challenge…

  29. Bonnie

    Loved this presentation! I think the best yet. I am a believer in herbal medicine as I’ve seen it work first hand both for people and my own beloved mutt. Keep up the good work Dr. Jones.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Thanks Bonnie. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  30. Meghan

    Thank you so much for your presentation! I’m going to try making lotion for my skin this winter 🙂

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Yeah lotions are great and they don’t have to be medicinal. Make whatever you want.

      I was once doing an all-day workshop and there was a young lady there who’d been with us all day because she was someone’s ride. She’d patiently tromped around the hills lwhile we were ooking at plants and sat through the medicine-making workshop where we were making all kinds of stuff. When I got to lotions her eyes lit up and she said “I’m going to be rich!” LOL

      So, you don’t have to care anything about herbs to enjoy this stuff. 🙂

  31. Candace Taylor

    Thank you so much for the idea of taking an alcohol tincture and boiling it down with glycerine. I have a teenager who takes psychiatric meds which preclude the use of any alcohol. At this time I just want natural things for her to help with colds/flu/pain/fever/infection/etc. I have used alcohol tinctures very successfully on myself, but am leery of using them for her. Maybe someday she can use herbs for her mental health issues, but I don’t know enough at this time to add those to her regimen.

    1. Candace Taylor

      I just wanted to add that it’s not always a religious or alcoholism reason that people might want to avoid alcohol in tinctures.
      Also a question: In your opinion, are tinctures treated as you described (simmered with glycerine to remove the alcohol) more effective than those made with glycerine from the beginning?
      Thanks. I really appreciate this because it’s important to me in taking the best care of my kid.

      1. Candace Taylor

        Ok. Sorry if you explained more about this later in the webinar. I paused it to ask my questions. Am going back to listening and learning.

      2. Dr. Patrick Jones

        That’s a good point. Some folks can’t use hooch for medical reasons as well.

        The glycerites made by reducing a tincture in glycerin as I described will be stronger than preparations made from glycerin alone because alcohol is a much better solvent so it will get more medicine out of the plants to start with.

        It’s a lot of work and expense though so unless you have a particular need to do it that way, I’d just use the alcohol tincture.

        Doc Jones

        1. Candace Taylor

          Thank you. That’s what I thought. It’s good to get confirmation.

  32. DIANNE

    I just signed on and I can’t get it to play, it starts for a few seconds and then stops!

  33. DIANNE

    I tried again and it is playing this time

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Oh good. 🙂

  34. Sherry Hancock

    I make two really great salves, a double strength arnica based muscle relief and a calendula based wound salve. Would love to make into lotions, but can’t get the oil and water to blend. Also, just made an anti-viral lotion and it molded within a week. Not sure where I went wrong there. Thank you so much for this informative class. I will be contacting you and I WILL be buying your book! Have a great day!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      The key to making oil mix with water is the beeswax. It acts as an emulsifier binding the two together. If there’s no wax they act like…well…oil and water.

      Add 1 oz of beeswax for each cup of oil and melt it in the double boiler. While it’s still hot, add a coup of water ( i never use water I always use a tea or tinctures +/- essential oils) and blend the berjeebers out of it with a hand mixer.(If you do it correctly there won’t be any berjeebers in the final product).

      As to your moldy salve, if you’re making your oil infusion by just letting it sit a few weeks, you’re more likely to get mold. If you want to do it that way, leave enough space in the jar for water droplets to accumulate on the side and wipe them out every day. Instead of using a jar lid put some cloth or a paper napkin on top of the jar with a rubber band or lid ring so it can breath. Also, a few drops of vitamin E can really help keep things from getting rancid. Keep them in the fridge too. Frankly, the double boiler method will end up having lots less mold than the slow infusion method.

      Doc Jones
      HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine

      1. Sherry Hancock

        I made a decoction in a slow cooker that day, added a little witch hazel, and emulsifying wax. First time using that. Love the texture, but missed something in the preservative arena. I have never had an oil infused salve go bad, but I only use dried herbs. I will make a tea again and mix with a double boiler salve base, use the beeswax and get back to you. The anti viral tea has been very effective for crows and squirrels with pox at a local wildlife rehab. Am trying to create something more shelf stable for them

  35. Diana Duke

    I loved your presentation! I was making calendula/comfrey salve as I was listening. I will certainly purchase your book and I can’t wait to get on-line to sign up for your herbalist program….I’ve been wanting to do this for years.

    Thank you

    ~ Diana Duke Sandpoint, Idaho

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      We’d love to have you Diana. Holler when you’re ready. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  36. Dianne

    Sorry I sent the last comment too soon
    the presentations are not playing for me

  37. Bonnie Krause-Gams

    I am a 75 year old Master Herbalist and I think you are awesome. What a treat to learn something from everyone you meet. I have a whole head full of stories also. I love your humor. I will look forward to your other talk. By the way, I grow almost all the herbs I use, or forage. Gosh this summit is awesome!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I’d love to sit down with you sometime and swap yarns Bonnie. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  38. Dianne

    Okay I figured it out. Could I also get a pdf of the talk? Thanks

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Sure. Send me an email and I’ll get it headed your way. 🙂


  39. Ivy

    I, too would love to have the pdf of this presentation, although I did take copious notes I’m afraid I may have missed something. Can’t wait for the next presentation. Dr. Pat, you are awesome!

  40. Stephanie

    I Really enjoyed your presentation! So much information! Thank you for your time! I also would love to have the pdf. I cannot find your email address though! Thanks

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      My email is doc(insert “at” thingy here)

      I’d be happy to send the PDF to anyone that sends an email request. 🙂


      1. stephanie martin

        Thank you, I took care of this this! Looking forward to your next presentation!

  41. yenaleM

    Grateful for the wisdom imparted Patrick Jones ! May All be well and find Life cooperative & fair 🙂

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Thanks Yenale.


  42. Loucile Hall

    I want to make vanilla extract. How many beans do you recommend for a bottle of vodka?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hmmm….I dunno. Wait a sec…

      7 beans per cup of booze. Gotta love Google. 🙂

  43. Estee Taschereau

    How do I order the book, or as suggested, buy more than one copy. After all, if you read a good book, that’s one thing, but it you read another copy of it and it’s just as good…

    I appreciated several ideas, might check out the training program as well.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      You can get the book on my website or on

      Doc Jones

  44. Indigo

    That was great! Thank you so much!

    I took notes, but I would love a PDF copy.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Send me an email and I’ll get you one. 🙂


  45. Tena M Barke

    I use essential oils in the humidifier for my elderly mom and aunt – and feed them herbs in a lot of foods….one is 82 ad the other is 86 – very healthy!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Atta girl. Keep them healthy. 🙂


  46. Heather

    This has been the best of the presentations today and they’ve all been real winners! Your humour and zest (ha!) for the subject matter was very invigorating and quite a lot of fun to listen to. I hope to there will be more presentations from you during the week!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      There is another one. I think it’s tomorrow. Medicinal Plants: the Apocalypse Apothecary

      That one is much more focused on specific plants and their uses.

      Doc Jones

  47. Yolanda

    This presentation was fantastic!! Dr. Jones, just loved your sense of humor (laughed out loud a few times) and to top it off, your extensive knowledge. Thank you so much.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Glad you enjoyed it Yolanda. 🙂


  48. Rachel Kensinger

    Guess I should have read more comments before taking the time to type all my notes during the presentation. I will look for additional presentations. I would like to understand and be able to recognize plants and their uses. I have things growing that people gave me and I have no idea what they are. But they come up yr after yr. I would love to learn more. Will have to check out your school. Thanks for a fun presentation.

  49. Dr. Patrick Jones

    There’s noting quite so empowering as being able to recognize medicines growing in your own yard. 🙂

    Holler when you’re ready. It’s quite reasonable compared to other programs and we have payment plans for about anybody’s budget.

    Doc Jones
    HomeGrown Herbalsit School of Botanical Medicine

  50. Lisa

    Pine Pollen-natural testosterone booster
    Chaga Mushroom-immune booster

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I’d never heard of the pine pollen. Interesting.
      Puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris) is a good pseudo-testosterone as well.

  51. Louise

    Great sense of humor! And great information. I really enjoyed this one. Thank you!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Glad you liked it. 🙂


  52. Ecomum

    Thanks for providing us with so much information. Please may I also have a PDF, there’s just too much to try and remember.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Yup. You can. You’ll have to send me an email. 🙂

      Doc Jones

  53. KJ

    I have a question regarding the garlic in honey method: Since this time of year we have limited sunlight, I was wondering if instead of placing on a windowsill for the warmth, if we could place near a woodstove (far enough away of course for the bag not to burn) or skip the bag and place the jar near the stove or place the ingredients in a pot and place on the top of the woodstove? I did something similar with honey and onion, putting the ingredients in a pot and placing on the back corner of the stove where it was warm but not hot.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      You dont’ need the paper bag if it’s not in the sun.
      Any of your other ideas would be fine as would a double boiler for an hour or so.


  54. Juli

    I loved this presentation – full of great info as well as great humor. So down to earth! I have been thinking about starting working with herbs but felt so overwhelmed. You made it sound totally “do-able”. Many thanks and blessings.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hi Juli,

      It is totally doable. Some herbalists have, sadly, gone the way of attorneys and doctors by making everything less comprehensible and more complex than it needs to be. The needless complexity and esoteric language serves as a barrier to entry to regular folks.

      Not really my style. If the Neanderthals could do this, we probably can too. 🙂

  55. Kita

    I love all the info. I was taking notes for the get go. Love the humor and the time flew by. Already checked out the website. Great info over there as well.

  56. Susan Messick

    Dr. Jones
    Would you please send me a pdf of your presentation? We live out in the country and our internet isn’t great so I couldn’t watch online.

    Thank you so much

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      You bet Sue. Just send me an email and I’ll get the PDF headed your way.


  57. Joyful Jessica

    Dr. Jones is consistently one of the very best presenters! The information is clear and easy to understand. I’m always glad that I can pause the video while I finish laughing, so I don’t miss what comes next! Thanks!!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Thanks for the kind words Jessica. 🙂


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    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Swing by the forum sometime too. 🙂

  59. Chi Chi

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    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Send me an email and I’ll get it headed your way. 🙂


      1. Chi Chi

        My email is below

  60. Donna Bramlett

    Love love love this presentation! Thank you! I’ve just started learning about the healing properties of essential oils, and this broadens the herbal possibilities tremendously.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Essential oils are wonderful but they take a fair bit of material and tech to produce. I look at them sort of like light bulbs. Great to use now, but if the power ever goes off you’d better now how to make a fire. Herbs are the fire. A much better choice for self-reliant folks. 🙂


  61. Barb Herron

    My grown son watched this presentation with me, he thought the use of vodka and/or ever clear was a very good idea. First time he has offered to help me in the kitchen-very good presentation Dr.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I tend to buy hooch in very large quantities. My last run was about 15 cases of vodka and 10 cases of Everclear. As we were loading it in the van the guy asked me if I was going to drink it all. I said “No. I’m pickling a moose. I’ve got the big jar in my living room all ready. Taxidermy is so yesterday.” The look on his face was priceless. 🙂


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    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Send me an email and I’ll send you the PDF.

  63. Aubrey

    I appreciate this talk. I’ve dabbled in herbal medicine a few brief times over the past few years, but I always struggle with knowing what to make that will actually be useful. Also, ordering dried herbs (and getting a TON more than I need) is a hassle and expensive. I don’t think I will ever get into that. But, what I could see myself doing, is using herbs and other plants from my garden, drying them, and using them here. I will think about that when planning my garden for the Spring. Thank you for the motivation to try to get back into this again.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Growing you own makes all the difference. We’re growing about 150 medicinal species on our place these days. If you’re ever in Idaho, give me a holler and we’ll take a putter through the gardens. 🙂

      Don’t get overwhelmed by the numbers. If you really knew 10-20 plants, you could probably do anything your family would need you to do.


  64. Ginger Pinson

    Loved all of this. Would love the PDF from your talk and I’m very interested in signing up for your course. Will read more about it. I’ve had goodluck treating my dogs with herbs as well as myself and believe that all that we need is offered to us in nature.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Send me an email and I’ll get you the PDF. 🙂

      The course is a lot of fun. It was written by this crazy guy…

  65. Bruce

    Hi doc , great presentation thanks for the infojust starting out

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Me too. Lot’s to learn. 🙂

  66. Judi

    Wow……………very down-to-earth and informative. Just what I was hoping for – sensible and practical. Lots of info to tuck away for later as well as use right now. Yes, I want the PDF as well.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Down to Earth is a specialty of mine as I’ve never lived on any other planets. Don’t laugh I’ve talked to a few herbalist that make me wonder. LOL

      Send me an email and I’ll send the PDF.

  67. Lucy Casablanca

    I loved this. It is simple and doable. For years I wanted something lie this, so many others seem so complicated. Thank You.Will your Apocaliptic Medicine be part of this seminar?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      The Medicinal Plants: The Apocalypse Apothecary lecture will be tomorrow I think. It covers a lot more on specific plants. Everything in that lecture is either really easy to find or really easy to grow. Lots of the plants are probably on your property already.


  68. Dayna McDaniel

    Delightful presentation-very informative. Doc Jones is truly an enjoyable presentation. I am a retired animal health technician, he would be great to work with!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      The people that work for me are long suffering and patient because I tend to be a little less serious in person.


  69. Servants of the Harvest

    EXCELLENT! Thank you, Dr. Jones
    I laughed out loud many times. I am so grateful that I bought the lifetime pass. I want to watch your presentation many time. So much presented in a short amount of time. I would like to attend an online workshop this winter when things on the farm slow down a bit.
    Thank you for giving God the glory for His provision of healing herbs.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      God is good. He gave us wonderful tools to heal ourselves and get through this mortal experiment. I’m a big fan of His Son as well.

      I always tell people they need to learn to listen to three voices for their healing:

      – The voice of their own body and what it’s craving (NO, fat and sugar don’t count!)
      – The voice of the plants (they know what they’re here for)
      – And, most importantly, the voice of the God that made the plants and us.

      Pay attention to those three and you’ll rarely go wrong.


  70. Jene

    Your presentation was great. I learned a lot and enjoyed your humor mixed in! If you are willing, I would love to have a pdf of your presentation.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Happy to. Send me an email.

  71. sue

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    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I’m willing. Send me an email and I’ll get you one.


  72. Cindy

    Fantastic presentation Dr. Jones. I now know after researching your site where I want to complete my training. Thank you for the fantastic information! And the laughs 🙂

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Cindy, we’d be honored to have you along.


  73. Donna Nielsen

    I loved the presentation. I do have a question about the tinctures. I am very gluten intolerant, and have to be very careful about what I ingest. I don’t even dare to use things that say natural flavorings, or natural vanilla, etc.

    I just looked up vodka, and it appears it can be made of many things, including grains like wheat. Do you know if there is any other type of alcohol that would work for a tincture, that is guaranteed gluten free?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hi Donna,

      There are some companies that sell gluten free alcohol. You can google it and they’ll show up. My understanding is that even regular vodka has so little gluten that it could be considered gluten free.

  74. Elizabeth Pingree

    Thanks so much! I have used fresh herbs, teas, and tinctures for many years, but gained much useful information about things I’ve never tried. I look forward to trying out salves and lotions, and may get motivated to sign up for a course. Will be reading more about that.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Salves and lotions are a blast to make.
      Give me a holler if you have any questions about the course.


  75. Elizabeth

    What a fantastic presentation! Thank you so much! Dr. Jones is absolutely enjoyable to listen to! I learned so much!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      I’m glad. 🙂

  76. Nicole DeRuyter

    Fantastic lesson! Just wondering what your thoughts are on using grapeseed oil in the infused oils?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Should work fine. I’ve never tried it. Try it and let me know what happens. 🙂


  77. Nancy Maurelli

    Can you please explain why you would use dried herb instead of fresh herb to make tincture or infused oil? Is drying to break cell wall? What about the water soluble parts of the plant; are those still viable in a dried form?

    I greatly enjoyed this presentation. Thanks for making every idea so easy to understand and straightforward.

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      HI Nancy,

      You can use fresh or dry material for a tincture. The concern is the water in the plants diluting the alcohol too much. SO,when tincturing with fresh plants, I usually use Everclear instead of vodka.

      For oils that I’m doing on the double boiler, fresh is fine. If you’re going to let it sit on the window sill for two weeks, dry stuff will make less mold than fresh stuff.

      Dried herbs have a shelf life of a year or so if kept cool and dark.

      Doc Jones

  78. Sandy Hines

    Is Boswellia good for arthritis? Also do you know what would be good to clear up smokers lungs. I’m getting your book for my daughter in law, she just graduated as a vet. tech. Also do you know of other books she would find valuable in her work?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Boswellia is great for arthritis especially if you combine it with turmeric. I have a good formula Called “Joint Formula” that contains both (among other things).

      Boswellia is good for respiratory stuff as well. For those who don’t know, Boswellia is frankincense.

      I would take mullein for smokers lung. But quitting smoking is critical.
      Have your daughter shoot me an email and I’ll get her some book ideas.

      Doc Jones

  79. Julia

    Of all the seminars, classes and books that I have regarding Herbal Remedies/Medicine, this one has left me (No, it hasn’t LEFT me! Silly!) very confidant to just take the plunge and do it already! And before I knew of your PDF-thing, I took a lot of notes! Your 1 hour presentation just took me 3 short hours! Whew!
    {I already e-mailed you for the PDF}
    I can’t wait for your next presentation! Thank you so much!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Glad you enjoyed it Julia. No reason not to be confident. This stuff is pretty simple. Dive in! 🙂


  80. Joysmithing

    What a great presentation! I am so excited to see the next one. I have 2 thick books on herbal medicine, but it all seems so overwhelming. You make it so fun and show how easy it can be. I am putting lotions on my list of things to try this winter. Thank you!!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      My focus has always been to make this information as accessible as possible to folks. In the school you’ll get a really deep education on how the body works and how the herbs work in a presentation style that anyone can understand.


  81. Laura J Yackel

    I loved this talk. Thank you. Where can I find Dr. Jones email for his generous offer to send a PDF version?

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones


  82. chet

    Wow–the information was really organized, and thank you for all the thought you put into it The part I liked the best was on the poultices. That was so interesting. I would’ve thought that there would be a microbe issue. Do you ever mix charcoal or clay in with your poultices to guard against that? I get it’s not necessary, but it makes me nervous.
    Very much looking forward to your next presentation. Thank you again!

    1. Dr. Patrick Jones

      Hi Chet,

      Many herbs have significant antibiotic activity. That’s how we get away with it.

      Bentonite clay or charcoal can be useful for drawing stuff out of wounds but I’m not in the habit of using either in poultices. I usually ground flax seed and plantain if I want to suck something out.

      Doc Jones

  83. Kathy Dupertuis

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    1. Dr. Patrick Jones


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    Wonderful presentation. I learned lots of useful information.

  86. Grandma Bonnie

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  89. Rik Reynolds

    It always amazes me to hear otherwise informed people pronounce “turmeric” as “tumeric.” There are two “r”s in the word, and the dictionary phonetic is “tərmərɪk”.
    Note that the “u” and “e” are pronounced the same. Why people insist on making the first “r” silent is a mystery. They don’t spell it that way.

  90. Debra Newton

    What is the shelf life of the lotion? Does it need to be stored in fridge?

  91. Steve Burritt

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    i would love a PDF of this lecture also i looked on your site where Steven – LeftBrain said to look (on a previous post) however i cant find it… but i would love to share this with my vet who is getting into the herbs (he was impressed the results i have gotten on my farm with some of my rescues)… if you can email me i would be grateful… i do think i may be looking into some of your classes… thank you so much for your dedication to this new old way and the future of medicine

  93. Susan

    I have celiac disease and cannot use grain alcohols!

    1. Christina M Tucker

      Me too- my mind went right to using gluten free vodka!

  94. R. Easter

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  95. Karen

    My husband and I are retiring back to Chubbuck, Idaho. I’m concerned we won’t be able to grow all the herbs and flora needed for the remedies. Will store bought herbs work? We might be moving to the Twin Falls or Boise area because of concern for availabity of organics and raw milk. Thoughts?

  96. megan

    Thank you for such a great presentation. Some of the info i knew, some i did not. Like others, i wish i knew what plants are growing in my yard. This year, i had loads of yarrow so will make a tincture (i have both Everclear and vodka on hand), i discovered St John’s Wort at the tail end of its blooming period but will recognize it more easily next year, and i’m always glad to see jewelweed. I think it’s one of God’s jokes to have it grow right next to poison ivy.

    I feel others have been calling to me for quite a while, although i’m still woefully ignorant. I’m glad they are patient.

  97. Amelia

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  102. Josephine Christen

    Good stuff Dr. Jones! It’s a great benefit to all of us that you break down the processes to basic steps and constituents. Your work with poultices on dire wounds is what I’d like to learn from the most, but when confronted with a staph infection (or wound that just won’t heal), which by the way is my own, I choke and am afraid to just slap herbs on instead of the doctor’s bacitracin ointment. How does one know when to jump from one to another? Thanks and best wishes.

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    the latin name pls.

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    Great job and love your sense of humor!

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