How To Grow A Gout-Free Garden – Bert Middleton







Great Big Ideas & Takeaways:

  • Control your gout pain with FOOD therapyโ€ฆ not drugs!
  • The 15 best foods to reduce or ELIMINATE gout.
  • How to *neutralize* excess uric acid for gout relief!
  • SURPRISE! Foods that work even better than anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Growing a garden full of delicious, anti-inflammatory foods.
  • Preparing foods to maximize their gout-killing powers.
  • 7 other ways to control your gout pain (beyond diet).

About The Speaker:

Bert Middleton is former gout struggler who battled gout for 13 years and finally won, becoming a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant along the way. Now, heโ€™s using his painful experience and tireless research to help others seek relief from their gout symptoms.

When heโ€™s not busy killing gout, Bert spends as much time as possible on his mountain bike and skis in the mountains of Colorado, where he lives with his beautiful wife, Sharon, growing a gout-free garden.

QUESTION: Do you or anyone you know suffer with gout? How does it manifest for you? Have you ever tried controlling it with diet? What works for you? Leave your thoughts below!



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  5. Lis

    I am unable to make it go to widescreen mode…???

    1. Jimerson

      Hi Lis! Are you able to make it go full screen by clicking the button on the bottom right side of the video?

      1. Lis

        Still trying for full screen it cud be my connection I’m just great full for the audio…ty!

  6. Marjory WIldcraft

    I am curious for those watching this; do you have gout, or is it someone in your family or circle of friends that has gout?

    I was delighted to find out celery was the #1 food to help gout, we eat that all the time!

    1. Laura Algiere

      Marjory, I was enjoying the gout presentation when it suddenly stopped & now none of the videos will play. Help!

      1. Jimerson

        Hi Laura! Are you currently experiencing a slow internet connection? This seems to be the culprit when videos suddenly stop playing. Try refreshing your browser, then pressing pause and letting the video load a bit before pressing play again.

    2. GB

      Yes I hVE gout, controlled by drugs. I ALSO EAT ALL THE THINGS THAT i AM NOT SUPPOSED TO DO, AND SURVIVE

      1. LynneDee Barrett

        My husband has had attacks of gout over the years which got horribly worse. We have eaten healthy, especially me. His doctor put him on gout meds and it was a blast, literally. He had the side effect of having uncontrollable diarrhea. It was also HORRID. AND he still had TWO nasty gout attacks while on medication.

        We took him OFF that medication! We began giving him his cherry extract, baking soda water (just a bit) and began a healthy, great and delicious diet we both love. The gout prevention type diet changes are not difficult.

        His doctor was sceptical. Even through the stress of knee replacement surgery and moving, my husband has been feeling great. He has not suffered from gout. He is as healthy as he was in his 30’s and we know that his diet (our diet) has done this for him. Of course, as Bert stated, my husband also works to keep stress low, keep away from environmental toxins, we detox, get good sleep, and work to stay active. My husband will be 71 in November, he is now back to feeling 40 and enjoying our active life without the horrid issues that gout brought.

        THANK YOU BERT Great information. I wish all well


        1. Bert

          (sorry for the comments for GB showing up under your post LynneDee!-not sure why that’s happened)

          But I am REALLY glad that you and husband figured out how to kill gout long ago – LIVING PROOF! Keep up the inspiring good work and let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

      2. Bert

        Glad to hear you are making it work GB…I hope your luck continues! I will be here for you if it runs out! ;b)

      3. Bert

        Glad to hear you are making it work GBโ€ฆI hope your luck continues! I will be here for you if it runs out! ;b)

      4. Pam

        Enjoy while you can. My brother went into hospital intensive care with gout last week and died on Sunday. I had no idea that gout was so serious. To be honest, he also had diabetes, but thought that was under control.

        This was extremely informative.

    3. Pam McDermott

      Such an enthusiastic speaker! This was my favorite, favorite talk today. He was so easy to listen to and made me smile throughout, due to his enthusiasm. I have had gout, years ago when I was full of stress, malnourished, and lacked good sleep. Everything he said made perfect sense, although I feel that stress is a bigger deal than he stated. All his points were valid and useful though. Excellent talk!!

      1. Bert

        Thank you Pam! Sorry for the slow reply – been juggling all day! I’m glad you enjoyed the talk and found the information useful. And yes…S T R E S S …the biochemical consequences are far UNDERESTIMATED! Someday I will be able to clearly correlate for everyone the reason and way that stress plays a strong hand in bringing on gout.

        Thank you again and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    4. Kelly

      Yes Marjory I have gout and I agree with everything said during this presentation. I would add that the best diet I have found to help me prevent gout is the ketogenic diet with healthy home grown foods. I stopped taking my allopurinol and NSAIDs about two years ago and have not had a serious gout attack since then. When I fall off the diet for say a month or two I start getting the precursor panes in my knees and toes and a simple day of fasting eliminates them, much better than colchicin.

      For any of you wondering what the ketogenic diet is it is basically getting the majority of your calories from high-quality fats, very moderate protein consumption and very limited carbs. To become ketogenic I try to keep my carbs under 30 g a day net and protein around 70 g, just enough protein to maintain muscle mass. I do not count calories however this is been a fantastic way for me to lose weight not to mention I’m no longer hungry all the time.

      For anybody interested in additional information from multiple doctors and nutritionists visit Dr. Mercola’s website for more information:

      As a matter of fact Marjory he would be a fantastic addition to next year’s Summit. Dr. Mercola basically advocates the healthy eating, organic foods, unpasteurized milk, exercise, tons of sunlight that is inherent in the farming and gardening lifestyle.

      1. Bert

        Great idea Kelly! Let’s get Mercola on – he’s on my “gotta meet” list!

    5. Ray

      I have gout at times. Very high uric acid and failing kidneys.I hate taking pills so I want to go the natural way. I learned alot with this presentation. Thank you.
      Do you have any kidney experts in your group?

      1. Ray

        And very high blood pressure

      2. Bert

        Hi Ray, I’m not sure about kidney experts in the group but you are on the right track to love on your kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for montitoring and regulating uric acid, so eating well to keep them healthy is paramount. One of the best things for good kidney health however is being very religious about consistent hydration. Pop over to my site and use the contact form and we can talk more. Thanks.

    6. BRENDA Mizar

      I suffer from arthritis ando Houghton his old enough helpful as it is also an inflammatory disease.

    7. John

      I have had gout since 1985, no attacks in 15 yrs. I use allopurinol.

    8. Renee

      My dad has gout.

    9. Don Rozhon

      Natural is best by far and yes everyone is different and you do have to learn your body.
      Mine is not beef friendly on to many days in a row. Asper-gas as my wife says with water and pink salts is a relief. (sorry but you can smell the acid coming out. Black cherry juice helps but alkaline veggies and water works for me.
      If you must take a drug try Uloric. It took couple of years to remove tofi the size of a halve golf ball of my knee but it worked and I walk and work again.
      Leave the lunch meat to the neighbors.
      Good greens,less meet and less pasta (sugar) and little alcohol unless red wine. Dry red has reversaltal. and it does. No sweet stuff. Some bitters in diet make the world go round better. Practical and proficient and Mother Earth since 1972.

    10. Jennifer

      My husband just got a flare up tonight, so I am watching tonight.

    11. Lilja

      I do not know anyone with gout so am just interested in anything relatet to health or health issues ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    12. Patty Galloway

      My son has severe gout and is only 34. He was diagnosed several years ago and his rheumatologist said it was the worst case he’s seen. He’s gone from a terrible diet of Hot Pockets, etc. (good grief, right?) to salads, soups and stir fry combos. It seems that the key for keeping his gout symptoms at bay is hydration. He has to drink tons of water constantly throughout the day and, interestingly, he has a big problem with sweating. I was amazed about celery being #1 too. It’s also a great anti-depressant! Yaay for celery!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jon

    I am watching about the anti inflammatory information.

    1. Bert

      Hi Jon,

      Almost everything I say in this presentation refers to inflammation in general – so this info can be helpful to many conditions…especially various forms of arthritis. The purine-related info is specific to gout, but otherwise you’ll do well to follow these guidelines to reduce inflammation!

      1. Kelly

        Bert I agree with what you said in the presentation and about inflammation. I would add a couple of foods to your growing list as a high priority, Ginger and turmeric.

        Along with gout I also have thoracic outlet syndrome which is basically the nerves in my neck going into my arms are being pinched off causing phantom pain in my forearms and a loss of grip strength in my hands. I quit taking naproxen sodium in prescription strength when my liver enzymes started being elevated. I switched to eating ginger every day and it has worked as well or better than the Aleve.

        I am looking forward to reading your book but from what I can get from your speeches you do a mostly Paleolithic diet, have you looked into or tried a truly ketogenic diet?

        1. Don Rozhon

          Both should be in everyones diet. Turmeric is underrated. Its being found to have cancer and diabetic properties and many other including blood pressure. Got me off my HBP pills. 125 /70 and 200 and 65 years old. Just dont spill it on your counter. Take or make a pill.

  8. Jean-Guy

    My brother and one sister both have and struggle with gout … ๐Ÿ™ … i will recommend these foods ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Bert

      Please do Jean-Guy! There is so much information out there about what to eat for gout, and most of it is flat out wrong. I know first hand….this is the way to go! And please keep in mind that a solid gout-diet is only part of the total solution to conquering gout – they’ll need to follow a holistic lifestyle as well.

    2. Marjory WIldcraft

      Jean-Guy, Why not send you sister and brother over to Bert’s site to pick up a copy of his free ebook? Here is the link for you

      1. Debbie

        I didn’t see anything free on the page.

        1. Marjory WIldcraft

          opps, yes sorry about that. I guess there is a cost. But it sure isn’t much compared to a doctors visit…

  9. jig

    What causes Gout?

    1. Marjory WIldcraft

      Bert will be online here in a minute – I am interested to hear too.

    2. Bert

      Hi Jig,

      That is a loaded question! Most “authorities” will tell you its genetic and there’s nothing you can do but take pharmaceuticals the rest of your life. I know this is not the case. People who get gout do have the genetic “opportunity” – but this is only expressed when your overall state of health is out of balance. By following a holistic lifestyle and a gout specific diet you can keep the gout beast locked in the closet, so it doesn’t ruin your life!

    3. Kelly

      For me the gout became chronic when I was drinking way too much Mountain Dew. This is something current research is starting to show that carbohydrates are a bigger factor than the purine rich foods that doctors warn you against.

      Back to experimenting on myself so this is very anecdotal but if I drink a case of full sugar soda in a week I will always get a flareup.

      A low inflammation diet and supplements has done wonders for the way I feel in general.

  10. odie

    Great presentation! But so confusing for me…. i have gout, my body is too alkaline, and I am not digesting my fats.(for 2 years I have changed my diet completely by avoiding GMO, no wheat, no dairy, buying local…and now I am having health issues since changing) Heres my confusion, I’m referring to onions and basil for example where I heard it is alkaline forming but I am taking supplements to acidify my ph! ugh….what do I do? study and dig more!
    One more question… if you knock out gout, how likely is it to come back. Do I have to be real careful the rest of my life?
    Thanks a bunch!

    1. LIS

      Have you tried Paul Braggs cider Vinegar? The MOTHER works wonders for so many things…best of luck….

      1. Bert

        Hi Lis, great suggestion! I’m a big fan of ACV (with the Mother), especially just before and during meals to help with full digestion of proteins. Be sure to only dilute it in a small amount of water – you’ll want to minimize your water consumption during meals, as a large amount water can dilute stomach acid. Best to drink water on an empty stomach between meals!

    2. Marjory WIldcraft

      Hi Odie, Bert is coming online here in a minute and I am sure he will get to you.

    3. Bert

      Hi Odie,

      Let me answer your last question first – you only have to be slightly more “real careful” than those without gout! Our public food supply is so toxic these days that everyone needs to be super careful about what they eat.

      As for the acid/alkaline balance confusion, below is an article I wrote that I think will answer all your questions. It is estimated that 90% of adult Americans are hypochlorhidric (their stomach does not make enough acid to fully digest proteins) and yes this is a huge contributing factor with gout.

      Keep in touch and let me know how I can help!

    4. Kelly

      Odie for me eliminating carbs and limiting protein has more or less fixed my gout. The diet I am on is a ketogenic diet which is a high-fat limited protein and minimal carb diet.

      With your problems digesting fats you may be having problems with your gallbladder or your gut micro biome. There is a diet out there that uses bone broth to start with in an attempt to correct any problems with the bacteria in your digestive system.

  11. Servants of the Harvest

    Excellent information! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Bert

      Thank you much! I’ve been working so hard for years to get “the truth about gout” out to the world. Please check out all the other information on my website, and keep in touch to let me know how I can help!

  12. LIS

    I got it going now on wifi thank you!I think anti-inflammatory food information is very important for overall better health…

    1. Jimerson

      I’m so glad that fixed your issue! Enjoy the Summit Lis!

      1. Lis

        Many thanks this is so Awesome!!!

    2. Bert

      Got that right Lis! Almost everything in our modern lives leads to excess inflammation….stress, poor quality food and water, toxic exposures, etc. We all need to focus on reducing inflammation at every turn!

  13. Bert

    Thanks Jean-Guy! Let me know how I can help!

  14. Judy Kennedy

    I am unable to view the presentations, because the videos open in Firefox, which blocks Adobe Flash.

    1. Jimerson

      Hi Judy, I believe I can help! Are you able to try a different browser? Firefox should try to display the video using HTML 5 before using Flash in updated browsers, so a quick browser update might help, as well!

  15. Rochelle

    Excellent presentation. Thank you much.

    1. Bert

      Thanks Rochelle! I’ve poured my blood sweat and tears into making this simple yet effective info available to everyone who suffers from gout. We have more control over this than the Rx companies want us to believe, and that our doctors are aware of. Just remember my motto – gout is optional!

  16. Barbara A Fess

    I would like to order the E book but I want to send it to a different address than my billing address and there is no place to put a mailing address.
    Also want to know if the book covers everything that was in this presentation. OR… maybe the video he has is better. ??

    1. Bert

      Hi Barbera!

      My book What to Eat for Gout is currently only available as a digital ebook – this means there is nothing to ship!

      When placing your order all you need to do is enter the address that is associated with your credit card (for CC verification) and then you’ll instantly receive the ebook online. You’ll immediately get a link to download the ebook as a PDF.

      The book has a TON more info than what you’ve seen on today’s live summit video – it includes a full list of which foods are recommended and why, a full meal plan with recipes and cooking instructions, and so much more. Its 176 pages chock full of fun and gout wisdom, and includes 84 recipes . . . breakfast lunch and dinner for 4 whole weeks.

      To learn more about the book, visit:

      (ps – this is the page for the Summit-Special Discount!)

  17. Lesley

    Wasn’t able to get the video to load. ๐Ÿ™

    (Yes, I’m on Firefox, but everything is up to date, including Adobe Flash.)

    I sent it to my husband hoping he’ll have a chance on a break to watch it, as he’s the one with the issue, but his schedule is pretty full for a one-hour video…

    1. Jimerson

      Howdy Lesley, sorry about the video issue! Are you able to try viewing on a different browser like Chrome?

      1. Lesley

        I was able to get 1:30 in with IE, so probably okay, but I only use FF normally. I hope someone looks at that so that I can view the videos in my preferred browser… Thanks for your reply, Jimerson!

        1. Jimerson

          Ah, I understand! That actually sounds like more of an issue with your internet connection. You’re welcome, and please let me know if there’s anything I can help with!

          1. Lesley

            Sorry, Jimerson, I’ve been watching the video in IE between other tasks and forgot to check this site — I didn’t mean that I only got 1:30 in (I’m now more than halfway), I meant that it seemed it was going to be okay to view. No problem with my internet. ๐Ÿ™‚

            So far so good!! Thanks Bert!

    2. Bert

      Hi Lesley,

      The video is a fantastic bird-eye view, but if your husband doesn’t have time to watch it today you can just go buy the book directly. It will give you everything you need for knowing what to eat for gout – including meal plans and recipes!

      Keep in touch and let me know how I can help!

      1. Lesley

        Oops, just saw this now.

        Thanks for the tip, and thanks for the video, Bert — I’m halfway through now and am taking notes for my husband. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Will definitely remember your site — good name!

      2. Lesley

        Also, very glad you mentioned the “dirtiness” of commercial kale, and the iodine issue (need that!) — this is the apparent controversy, when people argue over whether kale is actually as good for us as its many proponents say…

        Thanks again!

  18. me2

    Have family history of gout but I am on anti inflammatory for injuries from major accident do these work for other types of inflammation

    1. Bert

      Hi me2,

      Sorry to hear about your accident related inflammation. Absolutely, these foods will help reduce all types of inflammation, not just gout. The pain that comes along with gout is actually the pain of inflammation – the uric acid crystals actually cause internal injury inside the affected joint…and the body responds to all injuries the same – INFLAMMATION!

  19. Rochelle

    Great presentation. Excellent information! Thank you so much.

    1. Bert

      Thanks so much Rochelle – I’m really glad to hear you found the information helpful!

  20. Phil & Cindy

    Very informative. Glad to see that most of the foods discussed we are already growing. Thank you!

    1. Bert

      Good job Phil and Cindy! You are well on your way to conquering gout if you already have a gout-garden started. Taking control of our food supply (to ensure nutrient density and avoid toxins) is top priority for all of us…especially those with gout.

  21. Mary Ellen Cota

    During a gout attack, what would be an example of foods you might eat in a day, what amounts?

    1. Bert

      Hi Mary Ellen,

      Examples of foods to eat during an active gout attack would focus on those with high water content and alkaline forming properties…such as celery, cherries, bananas, dark leafy greens, plus small amounts of well-raised meats. The goal is to get the uric acid crystals to become solvent (suspended in water) so they can be flushed out of the joint.

      I have a “Kill Gout Formula” that usually knocks out the attack within hours (for most people) – find it here:

      Keep in touch and let me know how I can help further!

  22. Jessica Breed

    I do not have gout but I had the idea that anti inflammatory foods from your own garden would be very helpful and this was very informative and helpful to me. Thank you

    1. Bert

      Great Jessica – glad this was helpful!

      Absolutley, we all need to be focused on reducing inflammation…through diet, stress management, sleep, etc.

  23. Virginia

    This was great information I have gout,it is good to know how to control it Thanks

    1. Bert

      Hi Virginia!

      So glad you were able to take up this off-grid gout-killing intel ๐Ÿ™‚ Its hard to find straight-talk in the gout world…but I’ve lived it and left it behind…and I’m here now to share what I know.

      Keep in touch and let me know how I can help further.

  24. Sue

    I have tried several times to listen to this presentation and it freezes after 3 seconds. Any suggestions?

    1. Jimerson

      Hello Sue! It sounds like you are experiencing slow connection issues! Try reloading the page, pausing the video, and letting it load a bit before pressing play again.

      1. Lesley

        That’s what happened to me, too, Sue and Jimerson, in Firefox.

        I didn’t try reloading, but I’m halfway through watching in Internet Explorer right now — try another browser if reloading doesn’t work!

  25. Debbie

    I am glad to know that I like and have grown (or attempted to grow) most of the foods mentioned. I have a question about lettuce. You mentioned iceberg, which I don’t really care for, and Romaine, but no other varieties. I may use the term loosely, but I consider many leafy greens to be lettuce, including those often sold as mixes under the names of mesclun, spring mix, or micro-greens. I am wondering if they or other varieties of full-sized lettuce would be good choices for a gout-free garden. Thanks.

    1. Bert

      Hi Debbie,

      Absolutely, all varies of greens in the botanical lettuce family are excellent for warding off gout. The dark leafy greens are great too of course (kale, spinach, chard, etc) but we have to be moderate with those because the high-oxylate content can make joint pain worse for some people.

      1. Debbie

        Hi Bert. Thanks for the reply. I will continue to eat my preferred greens then. I have heard about oxylate before, but understand that cooking those greens can help. I don’t currently have health problems, but am looking at this from the angle of prevention. BTW it looks like I am not the only Debbie here. The comment about freebies is not mine. As they say, you get what you pay for—or maybe sometimes more.

  26. TRISH

    i went on the nightshade diet and wow that worked for me

    1. Bonnie

      What is the nightshade diet?

      1. Bert

        I’m not sure about a nightshade “diet” – maybe Thish will come back on and tell us Bonnie! Thanks

  27. Kris Duenzl

    None of the videos will play after the first 3 seconds

    1. Jimerson

      Hi Kris! This tends to happen with slower internet connections. Pause the video for a bit and let it load before playing- that usually helps!

      1. Lesley

        That didn’t work for me, Jimerson, and I don’t have a slow internet connection; I’m guessing that the people with this problem are all trying to watch on Firefox. Hope that gets fixed!

  28. Sgl

    I think it would be so nice to have notes or an outline for these lectures.

    1. Bert

      Duly noted Sgl, I will see what I can do on my end! Thanks!

  29. Sgl

    I also wish the lecture wouldn’t start over every time I click on something. After I commented, the lecture started over at the beginning. The video also restarted after I clicked on his website link in one of the comments. There is not a progress bar to move forward either, so though I’ve heard a third of the video twice now, I will get to hear it for the third time.

    1. Jimerson

      Hello! There should be a “scrub bar” at the bottom of the video for you to navigate through it quicker. Just click on the bottom bar to jump around the presentation!

  30. Jay

    Quick question: Celeriac is a close relative of celery which is mentioned as a key food. (you eat the bulbous base rather than the stalks) Is celeriac and celeriac seed equal in value to celery as an anti-gout food?

    How about Lovage – same family again? Generally you eat the leaves of this perennial plant in the same family.

    1. Bert

      Hi Jay, I’m not up on Lovage, sorry. But as I was saying, it’s the 3nB in the celery and I will have to do more research about celeriac – as I understand it is very common and appreciated in Europe. My first inclination is that because it is part of the family, that the active ingredient is present and provides some benefit. Whether there is more in the leaves, stalks, or roots, I don’t know at this time! I have another project now! Thank you!

  31. chet

    I don’t have gout, but figured inflammatory things would be included. Been hearing that’s the root of all disease. Glad to see I can still eat my tomatoes!!
    Thanks for a very well-thought-out talk!

    1. Bert

      Thank you Chet, tomatoes are nutrient dense food when you grow them yourself and let them ripen in good time. Let food be thy anti-inflammatory!

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

  32. lk

    yep I’m stuck at 22 (minutes not age lol)

  33. Rob

    “Click here to learn more…” link doesn’t work : “Page Not Found”

    1. Jimerson

      Here’s where Bert’s banner links to:
      Let me know if that works better for you!

  34. NoraleneBallou

    Great presentation! Helpful and informative! It still freezes like the others though.

    1. Bert

      Thanks Noralene, I’m glad you found what I had to say helpful! But I’m sorry it was freezing up on you! Let me know what I can help with!

  35. Jacqui

    Never had gout, just curious here. I find it interesting and amazing that all the naturals foods discussed here for gout are also healing for so many other things. Mom was right, eat your veggies.

    1. Bert

      That’s right Jacqui – as Chet said above….inflammation is at the root of many dis-eases. And much of my gout diet is targeted to reduce inflammation, especially in the joints. There are a few other distinctions in a gout diet such as purine awareness and protein moderation….but yes – EAT YOUR VEGGIES ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. Suzanne

    Bert’s video keeps cutting out at .03 seconds. Has it stopped being available.
    I had no problem with the LeVan video right through to the end with no halts.

  37. Carolyn

    I’m not getting a video, only audio. I on an iPad. I’ll just listen.

    1. Jimerson

      You may have better luck trying an alternate browser!

  38. Suzanne

    Surprise… when I returned to top of page after posting the comment: it’s now working… Wonders, thank you

    1. Jimerson

      Oh good! Please let me know if you have any further issues. Your internet provider might not be giving you a stable connection right now.

    2. Bert

      So glad its working for you Suzanne!

  39. Lydia

    This is a very well done, clearly delivered presentation. My husband had gout many years ago, but since we have been growing and eating many of the vegetables on this list, he has not had that problem, and I now think that may be the reason. I have not grown celery, tomatillos and carrots for a few years, and will try again next year.2 questions: Do less hot chilies such as Anaheim, and other peppers have the same benefits as jalapenos? Do other species of squash (Maxima, Moshata) have the same benefits as Spaghetti squash? Thank you for an informative and interesting talk.

    1. Bert

      Thanks so much Lydia – I’m glad you found the presentation helpful. Yes, all varieties of peppers are helpful, as they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. As for squash, I primarily recommend spaghetti squash because it has a higher water content, less starch and can be substituted more easily for pasta. The main idea here is to avoid grains!

  40. marilyn womack

    Learn a few new things; thank so much. I only experienced Gout 1 time. It was right after my divorce when I was 47. I’m now 55. Yes, stress is bad stuff!

    1. Bert

      Hi Marilyn, isn’t it amazing how impactful stress is? Really throws off our biochemistry on all levels…and for many this triggers gout attacks. So glad you’ve not had another one. But do be aware that gout becomes more prevalent in women after menopause because estrogen seems to have a gout-suppressing effect….so be proactive and stay out ahead of it. Best wishes, and let me know how I can help!

  41. Bonnie Alexander

    The video is not playing. I click on start and it cuts off right away.

    1. Jimerson

      Howdy Bonnie! If reloading the page or trying an alternate browser doesn’t improve your video playback experience, try pausing the video for a bit while letting it load. This can help with slower or unstable internet connections.

  42. Fabiola

    Thanks so much for this useful information. Although, I donยดt have that problem is good to know. I have a question, I have been told from grandparents that the skin and the liquid with seeds from inside the tomato causes to rise the uric acid and that it destroys the kidney. Is it true? Sorry for the late comment.

  43. Anthony

    Morning Bert;
    I was 50 years old when my gout hit and hit with a vengeance. I had to extremely change my diet, no sugars, grow my own vegetables, ate nothing out of a box. I utilized any remedy I herd of.
    I believe using green tea and lots of lemons was the main contributor to controlling my gout.
    Thanks for the info.

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