Welcome to Day #6 of the Homesteading Summit!

Saturday, November 5th


Just 48 hours left … so glad you’re here for Day #6!

We’re into the last 2 days of the Summit, and we have another incredible lineup of speakers waiting for you here today.

Click any of the speaker links below to start watching! Today’s speakers include:



Geoff Lawton
Greening The Desert Journey


Paul Wheaton
10X More Efficient Heat… Anywhere!


Patricia Foreman
Home Chicken Processing


Stacey Murphy
Garden Geeks Grow More!


Stephanie Syson
Growing Food and Medicine in Public Spaces

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Greening The Desert Journey

Geoff Lawton

  • How permaculture can transform the driest, most barren landscape into a thriving food forest that feeds and supports local people.
  • Secrets for capturing and retaining water in areas of extreme water scarcity and insecurity.
  • Strategically giving nature what she needs to thrive—so that, in turn, humans can harvest what we need to support life.

About The Speaker: Geoff Lawton is a world-renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. Geoff has done thousands of permaculture designs in 6 continents and close to 50 countries around the world. And he has educated over 15,000 students in Permaculture worldwide.

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paul-wheaton-headshot 10X More Efficient Heat… Anywhere!

Paul Wheaton

  • Can you really heat your home with 1/10 the wood?
  • The beauty and science of the sideways fire.
  • Is THIS more efficient than a wood stove?
  • A safe and proven wood stove you can make yourself.

About The Speaker: Paul Wheaton is the self-described tyrannical dictator of Permies.com, the largest permaculture forum on the web. As a certified master gardener and permaculture designer, he’s built an empire around what he calls “infecting brains with permaculture.” He regularly hosts workshops and natural building experiences at his property, dubbed Wheaton Labs, in western Montana.

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 pat_foreman_photoHome Chicken Processing

Patricia Foreman

  • Discover the secrets to humanely, safely, sanitarily, and skillfully process your birds at home.
  • How to get healthy, high-quality meat from your backyard flock.
  • 2 ways to chill meat without affecting tenderness.
  • HOME TRICKS: freezer packaging for long-term storage.

About The Speaker: Patricia Foreman is a sustainable agricultural author, local foods activist, and popular speaker. For over 4 years, Pat was the co-host of the daily Chicken Whisperer Talk Show. She’s kept poultry for 25+ years, with experience ranging from backyard flocks to owning and operating a small-scale farm with free range, organic layers, broilers and turkeys.

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 stacey_murphy_photoGarden Geeks Grow More!

Stacey Murphy

  • How Stacey produces 50lbs of food per week—in only 500 sq. ft.
  • Maintaining a 500 sq. ft. garden in 2 hours per week.
  • Calculate which crops are worth growing and which are cheaper at the market.
  • The one tool that can double, TRIPLE, maybe even QUADRUPLE your yield.

About The Speaker: Stacey Murphy founded BK Farmyards, a cooperative of urban farmers in Brooklyn dedicated to social justice through urban agriculture, and she has helped create over an acre of new farmyards in Brooklyn. She has taught 1,000s of teens and adults how to grow, harvest and prepare fresh foods.

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stephanie_syson_photoGrowing Food and Medicine in Public Spaces

Stephanie Syson

  • How to create edible public spaces with community support.
  • Why the biggest challenge is NOT money!
  • From design to implementation—the 50,000 ft. view.
  • Mobilizing people and gaining support for your vision.

About The Speaker: Stephanie Syson has over 13 years’ experience researching and practicing various forms of sustainable farming across the United States and Latin America, including over 10 years’ experience growing medicinal herbs. She is an owner of Dynamic Roots, an herbal product line as well as the lead grower for the medicinal herb gardens.

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